PRODUCTS 9/17/2019

7 Top Security Product Innovations from Global Security Exchange (GSX) 2019

Ethan Adams

Security and access control are crucial components of the built environment. In fact, despite how little we wish it was the case, security technology is booming amidst rising tides of interpersonal, intercultural, and internationa...

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    4 Innovative Trends For Custom Home Owners

    Jordan Opel

    If you’re building a custom home, you’re aware that the construction and design options are seemingly endless. Whether you're looking for curb appeal, energy efficiency, or more durable, timeless features, there are a number of re...

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  • PROJECTS 10/25/2019

    House AO by Studio Alfa

    Studio Alfa

    Architects: Studio AlfaLocation: Otavalo, EcuadorArchitecture Team: Christian Endara, Juan Pablo Jiménez, Soledad Orozco, Héctor Bonilla, Vicente Frías, Sebastiano Dimagio, Miguel Arboleda, Estefanía Lasso, Angelo RomeroStructural...

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  • PROJECTS 10/17/2019

    Lucas Furniture Retail Location by Wilson Mason

    Wilson Mason

    Client: Lucas FurnitureArchitect: Wilson Mason Architecture and Interior DesignLocation: Aylesbury, EnglandArchitecture Team: Wilson MasonYear: 2020 Wilson Mason Unveils Design for Brand New Aylesbury Furniture Outlet Architectur...

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  • REVIT 8/19/2019

    How to Work with Parametric Arrays and Constraints in Revit Families

    Pete Heibel

    Applying parameters to arrays in Revit can be challenging and typically comes with a number of warnings if not done properly. In this BIMsmith Revit Tutorial, Pete Heibel covers the basics of a useful workflow when defining param...

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  • REVIT 8/16/2019

    Free Guide to Revit Family Creation


    Revit family creation is an important skill to have in today's market. Revit is a powerful tool but isn't always the easiest to learn on the fly - especially when it comes to the nuances of specialized tasks like creating Revit f...

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  • PROJECTS 10/7/2019

    The Summer Solstice by Ilaria D’Alessandro

    Ilaria D’Alessandro

    Client: AzimutArchitect: Ilaria D’AlessandroLocation: Milan, Corso Venezia 48Architecture Team: Massimiliano Notarbartolo, Sebastiano Pasculli, Mery Dossi, Alberto FalivaYear: 2013Photo Credits: Il Prisma Architecture  The Challe...

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