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6 Major Ways Green Construction Is Preserving the Environment

Mike Johnston

Green construction goes beyond basic aspects of the office or residential building, looking to create a space that besides providing comfort, invests in health and broader environmental context of the construction process. Since ...

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  • REVIT 9/4/2018

    Revit Families 101: The 20 Rules of Properly Built Revit Families

    Pete Heibel

    Architects, draftsmen, designers, and engineers regularly encounter moments where we need to represent a building component in Revit and we’re faced with a decision. How are we going to represent this product in our Revit drawings...

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  • REVIT 8/22/2018

    What's New in Revit 2019.1: New Features and Tools

    Ethan Adams

    Note: Looking for Revit 2020? Read what's new since this article in our Revit 2020 Review. The latest version of Revit, version 2019.1, is officially available for the general public. Autodesk announced the release of Revit 2019...

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  • REVIT 8/14/2018

    Take Action: 4 Key Lessons for the BIM Community from BiLTna

    Ethan Adams

    Take action. Evolve. Those are the words with which BIMsmith CEO Benjamin Glunz left the BiLT audience at the closing BIMsmith Gala last weekend. “Less talk and more action,” said Glunz during the closing keynote. “There’s a lot...

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  • PROJECTS 8/1/2018

    Clear Water Bay Avenue Home

    Superdraft Architects

    Project Name:    Clear Water Bay HomeProject Location:    Clear Island Waters, Queensland, AustraliaManufacturer Materials:    Corian Quartz Countertops in Cloud WhiteArchitects:    Superdraft ArchitectsImages:    Superdraft Archi...

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  • BIMSMITH 7/23/2018

    BIMsmith to Host 3rd Annual BIMsmith Gala at BiLT NA 2018

    Ethan Adams

    BiLT North America 2018 is almost upon us, which means a few things. First, it means that yet again we’ll be gathering our industry's best tech and digitization experts all in one place. It also means that we’ll have on the othe...

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  • PROJECTS 7/12/2018

    Center for Energy Efficient Design (CEED)

    Structures Design/Build

    Project Name:    Center for Energy Efficient Design (CEED)Project Location:    Rocky Mount, Virginia, USAPly Gem Windows:    Custom R-5 Series Windows (View Products)Architects:    Structures Design/BuildImages:    Electrical Cont...

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