5 Essential Things to Look For [That You Haven’t Been Told] When Considering a Degree in Architecture In 2019

Ethan Adams

So you want to pursue a degree in architecture. Good for you. Architecture is a respectable profession that carries with it a supremely important responsibility to the rest of humanity. Architects are the ones who bridge the ga...

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  • REVIT 12/20/2018

    How to Add Rotational Parameters to Revit Families

    Pete Heibel

    The ability to set rotation parameters for an object in Revit is an important skill to know. It can be useful in all kinds of applications and allows you to add key functionality to a Revit object that doesn't quite reflect the fl...

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  • PRODUCTS 12/11/2018

    4 Benefits of ICF Construction

    Mandy Lee

    Choosing the right materials for any new project is essential. Depending on the type of project, certain materials can make an enormous difference in price, performance, and appearance. Especially with a tight budget, these decis...

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  • INSPIRATION 12/6/2018

    Autodesk University and Making What Matters

    Ethan Adams

    Autodesk University 2018 was a blast. AU is always a great time to meet up with old friends, learn some new tips and tricks, and hear what's on the horizon from just about all the major players in our industry. It's a good time. ...

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  • INSPIRATION 12/1/2018

    7 Gift Ideas to NOT Get An Architect for Christmas

    BIMsmith Blog Editors

    It’s the time of year that we’re all thinking of gifts for the special people in our lives. It’s also the time of year that several folks around the industry release their “Top Gifts to Get an Architect for Christmas” lists, whic...

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  • PROJECTS 11/26/2018

    Museum Hotel by Artytechs


    The boutique Museum Hotel is located in a 19th-century historic building that has been granted a status of cultural heritage in the country of Georgia. It was the historical residence of the old noble family Orbeliani, well known ...

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  • PROJECTS 11/15/2018

    Tacuri House by Gabriel Rivera Arquitectos

    Gabriel Rivera Arquitectos

    Tacuri House is a project that invites you to live an experience—the experience of architecture. Project Name: Tacuri HouseLocation: Nayon, Quito, EcuadorArchitecture Firm: Gabriel Rivera ArquitectosMaterials:Concrete, Glass, Woo...

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