Here are the Semifinalists for the 2023 BIMsmith Winter Wonderland Holiday Revit Family Competition

Stay up to date on the latest in BIM, Revit, and Architecture.

Stay up to date on the latest in BIM, Revit, and Architecture.

Here are the Semifinalists for the 2023 BIMsmith Winter Wonderland Holiday Revit Family Competition


BIMSMITH 1/8/2024

The 2023 BIMsmith Winter Wonderland Holiday Revit Family Competition has officially come to a close.

This year's competition was full of submissions that reflect the fun, creativity, and talent of the BIMsmith community. On behalf of the entire team at BIMsmith, we thank everyone who participated.

Our judges had a tremendous time reviewing all of the entries, and although it was a difficult decision, they eventually arrived at a consensus for this year's ten semifinalists. These semifinalists will be narrowed down by our judging panel to three winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place). These final winners will be announced starting on Monday, January 15, 2024. All semifinalists will also have the opportunity to have their Revit families posted on BIMsmith Market for public download.

Congratulations to all the participants represented by these entries, and good luck in the final round of the 2023 BIMsmith Winter Wonderland competition!

12 Days of Christmas

Creator: Allison Hawes
Company: Hord Coplan Macht

Image Image

Alison Hawes put her own spin on the 12 days of christmes. She created a parametric display of your favorite revit tools and icons.  Follow along, for all twelve days, and maybe even sing aloud if you think you can keep up.


Adaptive String Lights

Creator: Hilal Özkan Erşan

Company: RKW Architektur


Hilal Erşan took an illuminating approach to a Revit string light family. This adaptive family lets you simply place the anchor points while the logic seamlessly connects the rest into a luminous string of fairy lights.


Ribbon Christmas Tree

Creator: Philip Chan

Company: SmithGroup


Philip Chan created this unique family that will make any wall, Merry and bright. This unique Ribbon Christmas tree family is fully customizable with parameters for ribbon material, width, height, thickness, and even light distance. It's a perfect addition to any project looking for that contemporary festive touch!



Creator: Tamara C. 
Company: Ware Malcomb


Tamara C once again brought the vibrant holiday spirit of Mexico with her Poinsettia entry! This beautiful and festive family comes with a mix of sizes and a stem length parameter, creating a blossoming array of options for crafting vibrant plant decorations.



Creator: Nick Dodge
Company: Ratio Design



Nick Dodge lit up the competition this year with this dazzling entry, inspired by the sparkling fireworks of global New Year celebrations – from the iconic Times Square to the vibrant Chinese New Year festivities. This adaptive firework family can transform into a myriad of firework shapes, capturing the essence of joyous celebrations all around the world.


BIMsmith Wreath

Creator: Evelyn Peterson
Company: Engineering Consultants


Evelyn brings a festive twist to the competition by ingeniously transforming the iconic BIMsmith logo into a charming holiday wreath. This delightful adaptation captures the spirit of the season while tipping a hat to the BIMsmith brand. To top it off, she's tied it all together with a variety of colorful bows.


Charcuterie Board

Creator: Azusa Allard
Company: SiteLogiQ


Feast your eyes on this delightful charcuterie board submission, a perfect Revit addition for your New Year party planning. This handy set of families isn't just visually appetizing, but also brilliantly functional. Azusa has thoughtfully included a schedule, which cleverly doubles as a convenient shopping list for your gathering.


Clean Parametric Tree

Creator: Julian Wandzilak

Company: W7k


This fully parametric Christmas tree is a impressive product of Julian's passion for elegance in 2D representation. Intentionally choosing to avoid the "black mess" pitfall that is common with tree families, He leveraged his mathematical expertise to create a geometrically crisp and stylistically unique tree. 


Musical Railing 

Creator: Dariel Rey Garcia
Company: Emproy 2


Santiago Calatrava once said "The architect is not only the director, but he is the composer."

This year, Dariel Rey Garcia turned this quote into a Revit reality with his "Musical Railing." This system family, transforms Revit into a musical canvas, featuring a five-line staff to orchestrate your favorite melodies. And in a festive twist, Dariel even transcribed the holiday favorite, 'Jingle bells', to showcase his entry. 


SpongeBob Squarepants Christmas Wish

Creator: Simon Yew
Company: VIA Architecture




Simon Yew is making holiday dreams come true with this clever entry – it's the SpongeBob SquarePants Christmas wish brought to life! Load in your own family, and let your favorite sea sponge wish for your family to appear. 



Winners to Be Announced starting January 15th

Congratulations are in order to every one of the ten semifinalists! The top three prizes will be determined this week by the judging panel and will be officially awarded begining on Monday, January 15, 2024. 

  • 1st Place - $500 Amazon Gift Card
  • 2nd Place - $350 Amazon Gift Card
  • 3rd Place - $150 Amazon Gift Card



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