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PRODUCTS 9/14/2021

Subfloor Challenges Overcome in Historic Carolina Theatre Renovation

Tracy Johnson

Renovated historic buildings add character and charm to downtowns. The Carolina Theatre in Greensboro, North Carolina wanted to do just that. The owners chose to add function by renovating a portion of the facility for community u...

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    New Virtual CEU Session: When Sound Control Matters

    BIMsmith Coffee Club

    When Sound Control Matters – Presented By Proflex Presented by Proflex – September 15, 2021 – 1:00pm ET/12:00pm CT– AIA 1 LU/HSW DESCRIPTION Sound abatement products are not just a building owner and occupant preference; minimu...

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    New Virtual CEU Session: Biophilic Design

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    Biophilic Design – Presented By CaraGreen Presented by CaraGreen – September 1, 2021 – 1:00pm ET/12:00pm CT– AIA 1 LU/HSW DESCRIPTION Learn about the latest trend in interior design: Biophilic Design, which is the incorporation...

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  • BIMSMITH 8/6/2021

    How to Choose the Right Centralized Mailbox System

    Justin James

    Centralized mailbox systems provide an easy and effective way to properly distribute mail in larger developments. However, not all mailbox systems are alike. As an architect or builder, there are a few key considerations to take i...

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  • BIMSMITH 7/16/2021

    PYO Residence By Dehonor Architects

    Dehonor Architects

    Project Name: PYO ResidenceArchitect: Dehonor ArchitectsLocation: MorellaPhotography: Dehonor Architects Located on the southern periphery of the city of Morelia is the PYO residence. The house arises from the need of its residen...

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  • REVIT 7/2/2021

    Working with Phases in Revit

    Karl Tanner

    Phases are a great tool in Revit to filter elements by stages in a project. The obvious phases are Existing and New. If you have worked on renovation projects or an addition to an existing building, I’m sure you know the importanc...

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  • PROJECTS 6/29/2021

    Oudong Residence by Architectural Engineering Consultants

    Architectural Engineering Consultants

    Oudong Residence is an 8-story building that comprises 28 condominium residences in the city area of Oudong, located approximately 35 km north of Phnom Penh in Cambodia. Oudong is known as a tourist attraction site due to its hist...

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