BIMsmith Teams Up with AVAIL to Provide New BIM Integrations for AEC Professionals

Stay up to date on the latest in BIM, Revit, and Architecture.

Stay up to date on the latest in BIM, Revit, and Architecture.

BIMsmith Teams Up with AVAIL to Provide New BIM Integrations for AEC Professionals

Ethan Adams

BIMSMITH 7/19/2019

It's been an exciting week in Seattle, Washington at Digital Built Week North America/BiLT 2019.

With over 800 attendees (46% of them at BiLT for the first time) all in the same place to talk and learn about digital automation, design, and construction, the atmosphere at BiLT is even more vibrant than usual.

Today, that energy got an additional boost with the official announcement of a brand-new partnership between BIMsmith® and AVAIL™, an industry leader in digital asset management.

As two of the foremost digital platforms for members of the AEC industry, BIMsmith and AVAIL will be releasing integrations that benefit the users of both tools. These integrations will be focused on streamlining the search for quality BIM content for building professionals everywhere. 

According to the release issued by the two companies, AVAIL users will benefit from direct access within the AVAIL interface to manufacturer BIM content and technical documents found on BIMsmith. BIMsmith users will likewise find the BIMsmith platform equipped with new functionality to allow them to more easily save and share BIM content to their AVAIL accounts.

“BIMsmith and AVAIL are natural partners,” said Randall Stevens, CEO of AVAIL. “Each platform occupies adjacent portions of the design lifecycle, so building a bridge between the two of them only adds value to both the platforms and the users.”

“AVAIL and BIMsmith both operate with the same principles of efficiency and time savings,” said Benjamin Glunz, CEO of BIMsmith. “By forming direct connections between both platforms, this partnership will enable designers to save even more time and effort in their daily workflow.”

For BIMsmith, this partnership follows a string of over notable ventures with fellow industry leaders. In November, BIMsmith announced a partnership with Avitru (now Deltek) and MasterSpec to begin introducing innovations to help coordinate BIM and specs. Not long afterward, BIMsmith also entered partnerships with other parties like Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and the Health Product Data (HPD) Collaborative to provide instant access to verified health and sustainability product data. Then, most recently, BIMsmith announced its partnership with Swatchbox, the architecture industry's first and only architecture sample service for building product manufacturers. The Swatchbox partnership brought with it the first time ever that BIM and samples have been coordinated together via an integration to order samples from Swatchbox directly through the BIMsmith platform.

With this latest partnership with AVAIL, BIMsmith continues to team up with industry leaders to make tools and processes that make real differences in user workflows.

To learn more about the BIMsmith and AVAIL partnership, including what to expect in the coming months, read the full release here.



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