Stay up to date on the latest in BIM, Revit, and Architecture.

Stay up to date on the latest in BIM, Revit, and Architecture.

About the BIMsmith Best Awards


PRODUCTS 4/19/2018

Recognizing the Industry’s Best in Design, Performance, and Innovation

The BIMsmith Best Awards are awarded each year to products, companies, or initiatives that exhibit outstanding innovation in the building product industry.

As a leading resource for building professionals in architecture, engineering, and construction, the BIMsmith Best awards are selected by individuals representing the interests of each.

The selection process involves a collaborative effort amongst a team of designers to identify a select number of innovations that are worthy of distinction. Recognition among the BIMsmith Best requires an exemplary display of excellence in the areas of design, performance, innovation, thought leadership, and facilitation of human progress.

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  • REVIT 2/1/2019

    How to Build Parametric Adaptive Components in Revit

    Parametric adaptive components.  They're a mouthful to say, and a handful to work with, especially if you're not a seasoned Revit expert.  In this BIMsmith Revit Tutorial, Pete from the BIMsmith team walks you through how to wor...

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  • BIMSMITH 1/5/2019

    Internet Browser Support in 2019

    The digital climate is changing every day. As the creator of digital tools for a global audience, our team at Anguleris has to constantly monitor and adjust to shifts in the technology tides. One of the main trends we are always...

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  • PROJECTS 10/29/2018

    Golshahr Mosque by Saffar Studio

    This spiritual center and plaza, designed by Ahmad Saffar of Saffar Studio, aims to capture the history and tradition of traditional worship while also meeting the needs of a modern cultural landscape. Project Name: Golshahr Mosq...

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