Semifinalists Announced for the 2020 BIMsmith Winter Wonderland Holiday Revit Family Competition

Stay up to date on the latest in BIM, Revit, and Architecture.

Stay up to date on the latest in BIM, Revit, and Architecture.

Semifinalists Announced for the 2020 BIMsmith Winter Wonderland Holiday Revit Family Competition

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BIMSMITH 1/22/2021

The BIMsmith Winter Wonderland Holiday Revit Family Competition has officially come to a close. We want to thank everyone that entered for their outstanding entries. Our judging panel had a hard decision to make, and after much discussion and debate, here are the top semifinalists for the Holiday Revit Family Competition:


Image Image

Creator: Simon Yew

Company: VIA Architecture

Simon Yew decided to build this family from the ground up using adaptive modeling.  The only parameter that was added was the material texture where the user can change the material for skin, eye, and cloth.  


Snow Globe


Creator: Allison Harper

Company: Hord Coplan Macht

Allison Harper created a custom snow globe using the BIMsmith logo.  The logo inside the snow globe can be changed to any company logo.  One of the coolest features about this snow globe is it can either be still or shaken!



Image Image

Creator: Laura Taylor

Company: ASD | SKY - San Francisco

The parameters on this garland, created by Laura Taylor, allow it to stretch to any length and the draped ends can be toggled on/off to fit that stair railing or mantle just perfectly.


Letters for Santa


Creator: Carolyn Cressman

Carolyn Cressman, a BIMsmith user, decided to make a Christmas themed mailbox, to honor all the postal workers that worked hard to deliver the crazy amount of packages this year. She also wanted to honor the USPS’s Operation Santa which helped deliver Christmas to everyone!


Snoopy - The Winter Baron

Creator: Brian Nickel

Company: Allied BIM, LLC

Brian Nickel decided to create a rendered scene of Snoopy - The Winter Baron, using a collection of Revit families. 


Christmas Tree

Image Image

Creator: Keegan Holdorf

Keegan Holdorf designed this intricate Christmas Tree.  The tree offers the use of various model-in-place objects.  The artificial-based design entails intricate details, such as its assembly (metal branches, base, and trunk), individual pine leaf groups, presents with various wrapping and bow styles, colored ornaments, tree star topper, and a string of lights with LED material to glow up the scene. 


Neon Sign

Image Image

Creator: Philip Chan

Company: The Beck Group

Philip Chan entered this 2020 and 2021 neon sign as one of his entries into the competition.  This sign is a face-based Revit family. The material and visibility of the numbers are instanced-based. 

Storage Totes


Creator: John Pierson

Company: Parallax Team

John Pierson created a fully parametric Christmas storage tote.  The lid of the storage tote opens with a 3D grip handle that can slide in 3D views.  The "slider" grip handle has visibility options to turn it on or off, and is also bounded to where it will not break if slid too far.  The lid can be turned on or off as well. 


Tiny House in a Snow Globe


Creator: Andrei Triffo

Company: O'Connell Mahon Architects

With possibly the tiniest house ever modeled in Revit, Andrei Triffo created this 35x29mm house inside of a snow globe. 


RPC Tree with Lights


Creator: Paul Aubin

Company: Paul F. Aubin Consulting Services/Author

Paul Aubin created an RPC tree using a collection of Revit families.  The star on the tree is an adaptive family with a self-illuminating material.  There is a Nested Generic Model family for the lights, with self-illuminating material.  A repeater is used to duplicate the lights around the "cage" of the tree. 


Decorative Pendant

Image Image

Creator: Parisa Sadeghi

Company: IBI Group

BIMsmith user Paris Sadeghi created a fully adjustable, scalable, honeycomb decorative pendant.  


1st Place - $350 Amazon Gift Card

2nd Place - $100 Amazon Gift Card

3rd Place - $50 Amazon Gift Card

Winners to Be Announced January 27

The top three prizes will be officially awarded on Wednesday, January 27, 2021. Keep an eye out for the official announcement of who will take home 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes.


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