What's New in Revit 2025: New Features and Updates in Autodesk Revit 2025

Stay up to date on the latest in BIM, Revit, and Architecture.

Stay up to date on the latest in BIM, Revit, and Architecture.

What's New in Revit 2025: New Features and Updates in Autodesk Revit 2025

The BIMsmith Team

REVIT 4/2/2024

Note: This article will be updated throughout this week with new information as the BIMsmith Team continues to dig into new Revit features in Revit 2025. 

Revit 2025 is here!

Consistent with previous years, the early-April release of the AEC industry's most-used BIM software includes a variety of new features and bug fixes.

The BIMsmith Team has dived in and explored the biggest Revit 2025 features and fixes and identified the most notable here for you to consider. While Revit 2025 doesn't respond to every idea or complaint, it does make significant steps forward in certain areas that are sure to make your BIM life faster and easier.

With that: here are the BIMsmith Team's most notable features and updates in Revit 2025.

New Features in Revit 2025

Below are a select number of new features in Revit 2025 that the BIMsmith Team has identified as notable. If you have any thoughts on features we should cover, let us know in the comments!

New Revit Home (New Feature)

Revit 2025 incorporates a new version of the Revit Home with access to your cloud data. The new Home experience brings a consistent, modern, and easier-to-use homepage that provides a more seamless method of finding models and versions to speed up your workflow.


Sheet Collections (New Feature)

Sheet Collections is a new feature that adds functionality to assign any sheet in the model into groups called Sheet Collections. This supports custom sheet organization that can be referenced across Revit (including views, schedules, and filters). 

Rules for sheets are still the same as always: Each sheet still exists in one location; either inside a specific sheet collection or directly in the model.

Every sheet now has a new parameter - Sheet Collection - which lists the collections in the model. Changing the value for one or more sheets moves them into that sheet collection (or removes them if set to <None>).

Sheet Collections can be predefined for placeholder sheets using a Sheet List schedule. When converting a placeholder sheet later, it will automatically move into the preassigned Sheet Collection.


Small Linear Array in Family Editor  (Enhancement)

You can now create small linear arrays that can go down to 1 and even 0 in the Revit Family Editor.

Align and Distribute Text Tags and Keynotes (Enhancement)

This one is another enhancement for project organization and neatness. Similar to many productivity tools, Revit now has a align and distribute functions that can automatically clean up the arrangement text elements evenly.

Gone are the days of your OCD forcing you to make each adjustment to annotations one-by-one.


Disable/Enable Wall End Wrappings in Canvas  (New Feature)

Revit 2025 includes a new method of handling wall wrapping. When you select a wall ends in a wrap, there’s a new icon that allows you to toggle wrapping On/Off. (To use this feature, you do need to have wrapping enabled in the Properties box.)


Excavate on Toposolid (New Feature)

Revit 2024 introduced Topo Solids as a new system family. In Revit 2025, there are a few new tools connected to Topo Solids, including an Excavate tool that can be used to cut out sections of topography from your model. After selecting your excavations, Revit now can calculate excavation volume by element based on your topo solid.

Simplify Toposolid (New Feature)

In addition to the Excavate tool, Revit 2025 includes a Simplify Toposolid tool. When using the tool, Revit will tell you how many internal points define the toposolid and you can adjust that number of points by percentage (e.g. 80%) to reduce the total points and simplify the toposolid geometry. 

Model by Face Toposolid (New Feature)

In addition to the other Toposolid tools in Revit 2025, we also now have a way to add a “Toposolid by Face” tool to select a face of a mass to create a toposolid. 


Smooth Toposolids (New Feature)

The Toposolids feature introduced in Revit 2024 is improved in Revit 2025 with a “Toposolid Smooth Shading” feature that smooths the toposolid linework when it’s not needed in certain views. 

Material Thumbnail Generator Improvement (Enhancement)

A new rendering engine dramatically improves the generation of material thumbnails in the material browser. There's a new setting to switch between the new and old rendering options for quick rendering vs. production quality.


Remember Type Properties Dialog Grid Divider Setting (Enhancement)

If you didn't like the width of the column dividers in the Type Properties box, previously you needed to adjust them each time you opened the box. Now, Revit will remember the width that you've set anytime you reopen the Properties dialog on your computer.


Batch Delete and Add to Library for Materials (New Feature)

Previously, it was only possible to adjust materials in the Material Browser one at a time. Now, we have a new batch feature where the user can select multiple materials, and then either delete multiple materials at once or add multiple materials to a library.


Alphanumeric Sorting in Properties and Type Properties (Enhancement)

In older versions of Revit, it was not possible to override the default parameter order in the properties and type properties dialogs. Now, you can override this default to make parameters easier to find quickly by alphabetical order.


Room Perimeter Accuracy Improvement (Enhancement)

When a room has inner loops, the old Revit Room Perimeter calculation was not exactly accurate because it didn't include the inner loop boundaries. Now it does, which makes these calculations more exact.


Auto-join & Lock When Placing Walls as Finish (Enhancement)

When placing a wall as a finish, you can use the Auto Join button in the ribbon to join the new wall with an adjacent wall. If you select Auto Join & Lock, it will join the walls and lock them to move together.

Single-Phase within Three-phase Power Systems (New Feature)

There is now support for single-phase components within three-phase power distribution systems that allows you to define single-phase analytical loads and distribution elements.

Video review in progress. Please check back soon.


Text Alignment for Multiple Selected Texts (Enhancement)

This one is pretty simple. You can now change the text alignment for multiple text elements selected at once. Use the text alignment options available in the ribbon when you have multiple text elements selected.


Dynamo for Revit Updates (New Feature)

Dynamo for Revit includes several new elements, including substantial additions that make it easier to work with linked models, interact with Revit geometry, and generate topography using new Toposolid nodes.


Video review in progress. Please check back soon.


Dark Theme for Schedules and Panel Schedules (New Feature)

Dark Theme now supports schedules and panel schedules so that you're not blinded by the light whenever you're using schedules and Dark Theme is turned on.


Automatic Color Conversion for All Views in Dark Theme (New Feature)

When activating Dark Theme, colors used will automatically convert to still maintain their general color but maintain readability in the Dark Theme.





What Do You Think about Revit 2025?

While we won't be able to cover every new feature available in Revit 2025, the aim of this article is to pique the curiosity of the AEC community and give a helpful place to start in exploring the latest software. Additionally, the hope is that exploring what is not included in the latest Revit 2025 release encourages each member of our community to think critically about ideas and concepts that would make our industry and built environment better. Don't forget to be active on the forums and communities - we are stronger and faster if we work together toward the future of construction and design.



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allex, 4/3/2024 8:20:52 AM

Autodesk, as usual, did nothing, but called it a new version of Revit. Look at what new functions the Unreal engine developers introduce with each new version, and you will immediately understand how useless the autodesk is.

Michelle, 4/4/2024 5:20:06 PM

Agreed, it is a very disappointing short list, again.