TL;DR: Here’s What Happened at the Autodesk University 2022 Day 1 General Session

Stay up to date on the latest in BIM, Revit, and Architecture.

Stay up to date on the latest in BIM, Revit, and Architecture.

TL;DR: Here’s What Happened at the Autodesk University 2022 Day 1 General Session

Ethan Adams

REVIT 9/27/2022

Autodesk University is back in person for the first time since 2019 in New Orleans, LA, USA.

The BIMsmith Team is at the event and capturing the event live – but in case you weren’t able to make it this year (or don’t have the time to watch the live stream), here’s the TL;DR version of what happened at the Day 1 General Session. 



AU 2022 General Session 1 in 15 Seconds


If you want the REALLY stripped-down version, here's a list of the top things you might care about from the Day 1 General Session.

  1. • Andrew Anagnost opened the session
  2. • Autodesk announced Autodesk Industry Clouds: "Fusion" for Design and Manufacturing, "Flow" for Media and Entertainment, and "Forma" for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction
  3. • Autodesk Forge has been renamed to Autodesk Platform Services (and now BIMsmith Forge® will once again be the only "Forge" to love)
  4. • Twinmotion will soon be available to all Revit customers as a result of a new partnership between Autodesk and Epic Games


AU 2022 General Session 1 in Three Minutes




1. Intro from Autodesk CEO Andrew Anagnost

  • • Autodesk CEO Andrew Anagnost walked in with a New Orleans-style band serenading him and the audience with "When The Saints Go Marching In"
  • • Anagnost's intro could be summed up in his own words: “the last few years have felt like a decade of change” 





2. Announcement of Autodesk Industry Clouds

  • • Anagnost introduced the headline announcement of the day with the line "it's time for the tools you use to catch up [to the change around you]"
  • • He then introduced a new arrangement of platforms called "Autodesk Industry Clouds"
  • • The stated goal is to help "lift people out of their silos, unlock data from closed formats, connect tools and teams, and disrupt ourselves and pursue different ways of working"
  • • There will be three "Industry Clouds"
    • Autodesk Fusion is the name for the Design and Manufacturing Cloud
    • Autodesk Flow is the name for the Entertainment and Media Cloud
    • Autodesk Forma is the name for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Cloud
  • • There were featured stories/industry representatives for each Cloud: 
    • Fusion Story – Betim Berisha, Bbi Autosport
    • Flow Story – Eric Iverson, Amazon Studios
    • AEC Story – David Brand, British Antarctic Survey
  • • Other notable elements slipped in:
    • Autodesk Moxion is a camera-to-cloud solution for Media and Entertainment Industry that can provide instant access to data captured on set
    • Autodesk Upchain provides visibility to the Supply Chain throughout all stages - file free





3. Autodesk Forge is Now Autodesk Platform Services

  • • What many have known as Autodesk Forge for the past few years will now be known as Autodesk Platform Services
  • • The suite of APIs will continue to equip the connection of data between platforms, disciplines, and teams
  • • Now it can stop being confused with its older friend BIMsmith Forge® (which was definitely not an issue all)





4. Twinmotion will be available to all Revit customers

  • • Anagnost announced a partnership between Autodesk and Epic Games
  • • The primary aim appears to elevate Revit's capability for real-time rendering and virtual reality
  • • Autodesk will not only strengthen the Revit to Twinmotion connection, but it will also be making Twinmotion available to all Revit customers in the coming days



Too Short? Here's the 5 Minute Version

If you're still reading, here's a little bit more to quench your AU thirst.




1. There was an interview with local New Orleans engineer Meagan Williams

  • • Meagan is the New Orleans Stormwater Program Manager, for the Department of Public Works.
  • • She discussed the New Orleans focus on "green infrastructure" – nature’s way of managing water, catching it where it falls
  • • She blamed "excessive lego use" on her decision to become an engineer (same, girl)





2. There was a pretty unashamed promo for Amazon Prime's The Rings of Power

  • • We're ok with it.





3. Andrew Anagnost dressed up as a wizard.

  • • Not sure if we're ok with it yet.


There You Have It


Take it or leave it - that's what happened at the Autodesk University 2022 General Session. We hope you feel both lightened of the burden of attending/watching and enlightened by all that took place.

Have something life-changing you think we missed? Let us know in the comments.



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