Introducing the Winners for the 2022 BIMsmith Winter Wonderland Holiday Revit Family Competition

Stay up to date on the latest in BIM, Revit, and Architecture.

Stay up to date on the latest in BIM, Revit, and Architecture.

Introducing the Winners for the 2022 BIMsmith Winter Wonderland Holiday Revit Family Competition


BIMSMITH 1/12/2023

After more than a month, the time has come to announce the official winners of the 2022 BIMsmith Winter Wonderland Holiday Revit Family Competition.

The submissions this year were unmatched in creativity.  Our Revit judging panel, including Benjamin Glunz, CEO of BIMsmith, Bill Allen, CEO of EvolveLAB, and Jeffrey Pinheiro, Founder of The Revit Kid, expressed how impressive each entry was this year.

For that reason, the decision to narrow down entries to 10 semifinalists was difficult enough. However, it proved far more difficult to decide which three Revit families should take home this year's grand prizes.

In the end, the judges were able to arrive at a decision and crowned the winners of the 2022 BIMsmith Winter Wonderland Holiday Revit Family Competition.

Watch the full video below to see the announcement of winners, plus the judges' reactions to each.

On behalf of the entire BIMsmith Team, thank you to all who participated and made this year's competition the best one yet. Cheers to 2023!


Introducing the Winners of the 2022 BIMsmith Winter Wonderland Holiday Revit Family Competition


1st Place - Wrapping Family

Creator: Julian Wandzilak

Company: W7k


As the winner of last year's competition, Julian Wandzilak wanted to explore the idea of creating a changeable family.  Julian decided to make a simple wrapping family with a limited number of parameters (W, H, D, T, Materials) and animate it with a “time” parameter.


2nd Place - Christmas Piñata 

Creator: Tamara Cortés
Company: Ware Malcomb


Inspired by a favorite Mexican Christmas tradition, Tamara created this single parametric piñata Revit family.  There is no limit to how big you can make the body, cones, or tassels.  For extra variety, you can choose between the traditional 7 points, or the common 5 or 9.  



3rd Place - Christmas Tree Caber Toss

Creator: Nick Dodge
Company: Ratio Design


As Christmas comes to a close, you somehow need to get rid of that Christmas Tree!  Nick Dodge may have found the perfect answer with a Christmas Tree Caber Toss, a competition in a single family.  This Revit family combines your Classic Scottish games with your need to get rid of the Christmas Tree.  You may just want to be careful about how hard you toss it, it might spontaneously combust. 


Honorable Mention - Sam, the Snowman

Creator: John Marlow
Company: Parallax Team


You might recognize this fellow from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, but to others, he's just a classy old gent that usually shows up around this time of year. 

Congratulations to This Year's Winners

As we close out this year's competition, we would like to again thank everyone who participated.  This competition is always the highlight of December and January for the BIMsmith Team, and we look forward to seeing what this amazing community comes up with next year!


Recap: 2022 BIMsmith Winter Wonderland Semifinalists

Buddy the Elf's Breakfast Pasta

Creator: John Pierson
Company: Parallax Team


After working on this recipe for a while, and finally perfecting it, John Pierson created the infamous Buddy the Elf's Breakfast Pasta.  Of course, this delicious pasta cannot be complete without extra, and we mean EXTRA, maple syrup. 


Christmas Stars

Creator: Petar Penchav
Company: All 1 Studio

Image Image

Petar Penchav created a fully parametric Christmas Star that could be used as a top of your Christmas tree, create your custom Christmas wreath, or as a single decoration element.



Creator: Robin Deurloo
Company: Robin Deurloo - Building Modeling 


Using inspiration from a 2021 Christmas card, Robin Deurloo created this snowman using technical drawings.  Robin describes it as "nothing too technical, but a fun little project."


Parametric Gifts

Creator: Philip Chan

Company: SmithGroup

Image Image



This may just look like your typical set of Christmas gifts, but Philip Chan has taken gifts to a whole new level.  This Revit super family is a workplane-based family that has all the instance parameters needed to change the overall size, and one can even alter the location of the ribbon. 


Stained Glass Window

Creator: Simon Yew
Company: VIA Architecture

Image Image

Following up on his previous year's entries, Simon Yew created this beautiful stained-glass nativity scene to help celebrate the birth of Christ.  The family merges classical Architecture with a little modern look. The set includes the Holy Family, Manger background scene, and the Star of Bethlehem.


Christmas Forest 

Creator: Dariel Rey Garcia
Company: Emproy 2


Dariel Rey Garcia didn't want the Christmas Tree to be the center of the celebration, but rather celebrated in a family in the forest, creating this Christmas forest. 


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