Find BIMsmith at the A’19 Conference on Architecture in Las Vegas June 6-7

Stay up to date on the latest in BIM, Revit, and Architecture.

Stay up to date on the latest in BIM, Revit, and Architecture.

Find BIMsmith at the A’19 Conference on Architecture in Las Vegas June 6-7

Ethan Adams

BIMSMITH 5/31/2019

The BIMsmith Team is excited to be a part of the American Institute of Architects’ A’19 Conference on Architecture on June 6-7.  There are a few exciting ways to engage with our team during the Conference.

1. Follow @theBIMsmith on Twitter

We'll be walking the Expo floor handing out the 2019 BIMsmith Best Awards to brands and products that are really exciting or noteworthy. Follow @thebimsmith on Twitter to see the process in action.



2. Attend an AIA Session with the BIMsmith CEO

BIMsmith's CEO Benjamin Glunz and Masterspec's Michael Heinsdorf are leading an AIA session Friday, June 7 at 10:30am PST on implementing BIM-specification standards. It's going to be as riveting as it sounds, and we expect you to be there. 

Designing and Implementing a BIM and Specification Data Interoperability Standard

Have you wondered what it would (literally) look like if BIM and specification content were able to operate complementary and within an open ecosystem that allows for data interoperability? Join us as we discuss our journey over the last year as we tackled that exact problem.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn best practices for classifying and organizing a project’s digital assets, with a focus on coordination of specification and BIM content.
  2. Define criteria needed to organize your firm’s product and project specific assets and how to turn that into and manage that information.
  3. Understand how to identify silos in your firm that you didn’t realize existed between practice groups and how sharing information allows your team to make better decisions.
  4. Learn about the concept of a common data environment as it relates to specification and BIM content."

Register: EX405: Designing and Implementing a BIM and Specification Data Interoperability Standard

Location: CE Theater D, Booth 9345

3. Come Visit Us at the 2019 Architecture Expo

We’ll be exhibiting in a 20’ x 20’ booth right by the main entrance, so you’ll have a hard time missing us. If you do walk right by us and you happen to be one of the strange people for whom booth numbers make any sense at these shows, we’re Booth 5107 (right next to Oldcastle Building Envelope and Sierra Pacific Windows). If you still can’t find us, start shouting “BIM Model” repeatedly and the sound of the dying kittens will alert us to your location, where a helpful team member will be able to assist you in the direction of our booth. (Confused? Read this.)


We’ll have team members ready to show you some shiny new features on the BIMsmith platform (like the new BIMsmith Revit Plugin), learn about what you want to see in the future, or just grab a coffee or beer and talk about Game of Thrones. We’re not picky.

If you’re new to BIMsmith and want to understand a little more about who we are before you trust our opinions on #GoT, here’s a brief rundown:

What is BIMsmith?

BIMsmith is a cloud platform of free digital design tools for building professionals. 

  • •    BIMsmith Forge is a patented, one-of-a-kind Revit configurator for system families. Build walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs with over 300,000+ Revit materials for generic and manufacturer products, complete with cut sheets and specs.
  • •    BIMsmith Market is the leading product research platform, where you can search, compare, and download Revit families for free.
  • •    MyBIMsmith is a free, unlimited cloud storage platform where you can save, store, and share BIM content that you build or find on BIMsmith for free.
  • •    The BIMsmith Revit Plugin brings the entire BIMsmith platform into your Revit projects, meaning you can design with 300,000+ Revit materials and 10,000+ Revit families without ever cleaving Revit.

Who is BIMsmith?

BIMsmith is a team of architects and building professionals who came together with a common goal to make free tools that make digital design easier. We’re headquartered in Chicago, IL, have offices across North America and Europe, and geek out about Revit almost as much as Game of Thrones.

How much does BIMsmith cost?

BIMsmith is 100% free. No upsells, no premium features, no catches. BIMsmith partners with hundreds of building product manufacturers to provide these tools to you for free (praise hands).


See you at A’19!

Come for the conference or come ‘cause it’s Vegas – either way, we’ll see you on June 6-7. 





BIMsmith Logo - Free Revit FamiliesBIMsmith is a free cloud platform for architects, designers, and building professionals to research, select, and download building product data. Search, discover, compare, and download free Revit families on BIMsmith Market, or build complete, data-rich Revit wall, floor, ceiling, and roof systems faster with BIMsmith Forge